Here are a handful of ideas which penetrated the static and punched me right in the soul.  Pulled from podcasts, books, articles, and tv shows, these are the ideas that made me pause, pick up my phone, and jot them down in my notes app. I wish I did a better job of documenting more big ideas and quotes this year, but I haven't fully mastered this habit yet. 


Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul.
- Edward Abbey

Buy a plane ticket or whatever is the single most expensive, painful, committing action to take. This is without a doubt the most significant and difficult stage stage of the entire process. This single act of commitment differentiates the dreamers from the doers."
-Alastair Humphreys: Grand Adventures

The only thing keeping you from being happy is the belief that you’re alone. 
- HBO's Mad Men: Season 2 ep 12

It is sometimes easier to make the world a better place than to prove you made the world a better place. 
-Amos Tversky (from The Undoing Project by Michael Lewis).

Often the only difference between a problem being painful or being powerful is a sense that we chose it, and that we are responsible for it.
- Marc Manson: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

Love is about bottomless empathy, born out of the heart’s revelation that another person is every bit as real as you are. And this is why love, as I understand it, is always specific. Trying to love all of humanity may be a worthy endeavor, but, in a funny way, it keeps the focus on the self, on the self’s own moral or spiritual well-being. Whereas, to love a specific person, and to identify with his or her struggles and joys as if they were your own, you have to surrender some of your self.
- Jonathan Frandsen: NYT Opinion Piece|

Disclaimer: I could have pulled 50 quotes from Trevor Noah's book. Probably my favorite read of the year. 

You can only dream of what you can image, and, depending on where you come from, your imagination can be quite limited.
- Trevor Noah: Born a Crime

(Trevor Noah’s mom speaking to Trevor) You’re having sex with a woman in her mind before you’re having sex with her in her vagina. Trevor, foreplay begins during the day. It doesn’t begin in the bedroom.
- Trevor Noah: Born A Crime

In society, we do horrible things because we don’t see the person it affects. We don’t see their face. We don’t see them as people. Which was the whole reason the hood was built in the first place, to keep the victims of apartheid out of sight and out of mind. Because if white people ever saw black people as human, they would see that as unconscionable. 
- Trevor Noah: Born a Crime

The way my mother always explained it, the traditional man wants a woman to be subservient…. He only wants a woman who is free because his dream is to put her in a cage. 
- Trevor Noah: Born a Crime

Burnout isn't caused by working too hard, but by resentment at having to give up what matters to you. 
- Marissa Mayer

You can’t outwork existential angst. At best, you can postpone it. Or temporarily burrow it. But it doesn’t go away.
- David Hansson: Signal v. Noise Blog

The disease of our times is that we live on the surface. We’re like the platte river, a mile wide and an inch deep.
- Steven Pressfield in Tribe of Mentors