The following list of resources appear in the exact order I discovered them. I began noting every blog post, article, and tool related to startup marketing, as an intern at Boomtown Accelerator in early 2015 that I liked. I've continued the tradition of notetaking ever since and will continue to do so. 

Without further ado, and in no useful or logical order:

[Blog] IFTT recipes for marketing automation

[Tool] Pun Generator - Could be great for social media captions

[Blog] Setting up analytics for social media

[Blog] Running a giveaway to build a following

[Tool] Running a social media giveaway

[Blog] E-commerce reporting for marketers

[Blog] Cool Article About using Javascript in Chrome to Automate Tasks

[Blog] Strategic keywording and content marketing

[Tool] Website heat map tool for user research

[Blog] How to Get Edu Backlinks

[Coursework] Learn how to use Chrome Dev Tools

[Blog] Chrome DevTools for marketers

[Blog] Chrome DevTools tips and tricks

[Blog] How to fake your location in google chrome

[Tool] Domain lookup

[Blog] How to search for Twitter lists

[Blog] Using Google Alerts for job search

[Blog] Google search parameters cheat sheet #2

[Tool] Cool tool for getting industry related news

[Blog] Gary Halbert’s Boron Letters (The Godfather of Copy)

[Video] Psychology and UX

[Tool] Email Address Validator

[Blog] How to catch content scrapers

[Tool] Detect Duplicate Content

[Article] The Future of the “Messaging Economy”

[Article] Using storytelling to keep consumers attention

[Blog] Importance of XML sitemap and how to submit pages to google index

[Blog] 21 Good calls to action

[Blog] How to run effective split tests without affecting SEO

[Blog] How to lower bounce rate by including event tracking

[Blog] Understanding Google Analytics spam

[Tool] Test Structured Data (Schema)

[Blog] How Uber builds a 2 sided market through creative press

[Article] UX fundamentals: active vs passive design

[Article] Liquidity Hacking in a 2 sided marketplace

[Tool] Simple Newsletter Tool

[Tool] TypeForm - Create custom and easy to use forms.

[Blog] Keyword Research: The Power of Specificity

[Blog] How to Perform Customer Interviews

[Blog] Cool Collection of Custom Google Search Engines

[Article] Cool Collection of Vertical Search Engines

[Blog] Clever Uses of RSS feeds

[Blog] Paul Graham’s Blog - Founder of Y combinator

[Blog] How to use twitter advanced search

[Tool] Crowdsourced website usability testing

[Blog] Resources for Learning Web Development

[Tool] Javascript framework for user on boarding

[Blog] Examples of Company Brand Books

[Tool] Open Source Code to create communities like Hacker News and Product Hunt

[Article] Metrics and proof of concept