In the beginning, you just needed a website...

But now, that same website is limiting your potential.

Your marketing campaigns get stuck in a developer's backlog. Simple features need plugins, widgets, or premium customization.

A website should be a powerful tool for your team, not an obstacle.

I move companies from restrictive template sites to flexible platforms. I take a painful task and turn it into an opportunity for growth.

Upgrade your website

01. Case Story

Finding focus and consistency

Unsettled started as an idea shared by two friends and evolved into a global community. Their Squarespace site started well, but became messy and unmanageable over time.

Jonathan, the CEO, approached me looking to make a change, but had concerns:

How do we move 50+ blog posts?
Will this hurt or help our traffic?
Who from my team should I involve?
Is this the 'right' time?

I addressed his concerns, created a plan, and identified areas for improvement.

The upgraded site increased application page visits by 57%, decreased bounce rate by 95%, and simplified management.

Max is a human swiss army knife. He's no-bullshit, hardworking, great at communicating, and fun to work with. He understands how to take a creative vision and turn it into a reality, and make the entire process of getting there smooth, structured, and painless. He'll always go the extra mile to figure it out.

At an essential time in our business, Max stepped in and lead the migration and re-design of our website. He dug into the business model, absorbed our vision, and executed. We saw an immediate boost in analytics and feel we have the foundation for continued growth.

Jonathan Kalan





02. Case Story

Creating a foundation for growth

Wishlist Rewards relied on a single-page, hard-coded website to generate business.

The team struggled bringing creative ideas to life and promoting offline success. The CTO managed site updates when his time and development queue permitted.

I migrated existing content and brand assets from the hard-coded website to a CMS driven site. With the foundation in place, I digitized offline assets and created a deeper site structure.

With a new site in place, organic traffic increased by 369% and inbound revenue grew from 5% to 30% of total revenue.

Max was invaluable, helping us diversify our revenue stream and grow into a bigger vision. He is whip-smart, curious, and can connect with any team member in any department. He extracted every ounce of value from our team and converted it into a killer digital strategy.

John Whiteside


Chief Revenue Officer


Wishlist Rewards

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