I'm a creator who's inspired by nature.

My spirit animal is a beaver.

They are aquatic rodents with big teeth, but they are also prolific builders who engineer ecosystems. As a keystone species, they support biodiversity by creating the conditions for others to thrive. They are so meticulous about the quality of their work that they react violently to the sound of water leaking through their dams.

Like the beaver, I find my flow when I am supporting others by building and problem solving. I value quality and take pride in creating sound designs.

I am a traveler — literally and intellectually

I live in a confidently curious way — boldly pursuing challenging and uncertain situations. I'm humbled by the knowledge that I don’t have all the answers, but confident in my ability to find them.

My curiosity has taken me around the world on a ship, prompted me to start 2 companies, and inspired me to visit 30 countries.

These questions are my next destination:

  • What is the role of physical community in an increasingly location-independent world?
  • How can we learn to see nature as valuable technology?
  • How do I move from over-consuming to thoughtfully creating?

Let's work together

My interests are diverse and wide-ranging. I’m excited by biomimicry, permaculture, regenerative agriculture, sharing economy models, and alternative education. What are you working on? What excites you?

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